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Perfect scape, minimal effort.

The Scaper's Helper is the new Aquascape controller for successful plant growth and perfect lighting. It dims LEDs, doses fertilizer, monitors pH, temperature and water level, switches sockets and more.

Scaper's Helper Logo

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  • The app is independent from the controller
  • The 90-day program supports you in starting your aquascape
  • Create logbook entries with text and water values
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly reminders
  • Learn more about aquascaping and aquariums with our well researched articles
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Make your scape smart

Dim LED bars

Automatically fertilize 3+ fertilizers

Assistant for starting up your scape

Measure temperature, pH, water level and more

Compatible with existing products

Voice assitant integration

Monitoring and control via our modern app

DIY-friendly and open for your expansions

The Scaper's Helper is an aquarium controller for which the crowdfunding will start in a few weeks.

The Scaper‘s Helper helps your aquascape to ideal plant growth with minimal effort. Start with a recipe that specifies the basic settings for your aquascape. The Scaper‘s Helper then takes care of the regular fertilization using integrated dosing pumps. Perfect lighting conditions are achieved by dimming RGB(W) light bars including thunderstorms, Cloud and moon simulation created.

Make maintenance less stressful and save CO2 with switchable sockets. The conditions in and around the Aquascape can be monitored with temperature and humidity sensors and water level sensors. The pH value can be regulated via a pH probe and CO2-solenoid. If that's not enough for you, the controller can be expanded with your own modules as required with the available IO and PWM ports.

Function Details

Sunrise, sunset and moon phase simulation.

Dimming of LED bars

Dim LED lights with sunrise and sunset, moonlight, thunderstorm and cloud simulation. Your scape will appear in perfect light.

Perfect plant growth

Fertilizer dosing

Witht he 3 built in dosing pumps, you'll achieve perfect plant growth with absolute accuracy and any number of doses per day.

Ease your maintenance and save CO2

Switch sockets

The filter, heater and CO2 will be switched off while you are waiting for your scape. Save CO2 by switching off your pressurized gas system overnight.

Hands wet? No Problem!


If your hands are in the aquarium, you can control the Scaper's Helper via Google Home or Alexa. This is of course not a must. The Scaper's Helper also works without internet access.

All parameters always in view

Monitor and Control

With connection options for temperature sensors, pH probes, flow meters, level sensors and more, you always have an overview of all the important parameters relating to your scape.

Temperature too high or low? Maintenance due?


Alarms draw your attention to unfavorable readings and warn you if water is leaking or the water level is too low. You will also be reminded of regular upcoming appointments, such as weekly maintenance.

Collect data and analyze


Record all measurement data and important events and analyze them later in our online portal.

Modern and easy-to-use App

Ease of use

The Scaper's Helper is child's play to configure using a modern app.

Your own soft- and hardware addons


With detailed documentation of software and hardware, you can easily connect your DIY extensions.

Bring in your idea!

Your Idea!

The Scaper's Helper is a community-driven project. Bring your own ideas for your perfect Aquascape control.

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Compatible products
LED bars

LED bars

LED lights from Chihiros, Kessil, Aqua-Grow and other manufacturers can be dimmed with the Scaper's Helper. Adapters will be available in the shop later.



You can monitor the pH value using commercially available pH probes. Our own probes will be offered in the shop later.



The flow sensors available online are compatible. Different variants with pre-assembled cables and plugs will be offered in the shop later.


The slave dispensers from JECOD and AquaMedic are compatible with the Scaper's Helper. Specially developed dispensers with more functions are in the planning stage.

Switched socket GHL STDL 4-4

The four-way socket strip STDL 4-4 sold by GHL is compatible with the Scaper's Helper. A specially developed socket strip with more functions is in the planning stage.

Humidity Sensors

DHT11, DHT22 and BME280 humidity sensors are compatible. Adapters and a variant with a sturdy housing and pre-assembled cable will be offered in the shop later.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

DS18B20 temperature sensors are compatible. A watertight version with a robust housing and pre-assembled cable will be offered in the shop later.

Water Level Sensors

Water Level Sensors

Mechanical and optical level sensors are compatible and will later also be offered in the shop.

Leakage Sensors

Leakage Sensors

Leak sensors such as those offered on eBay, for example, are compatible. A watertight version with a robust housing and pre-assembled cable will be offered in the shop later.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves

12 V solenoid valves can be connected directly to the Scaper's Helper. Compatible products will later also be offered in the shop.

Wave Pumps

Wave pumps with 0-10 V input can be operated on the Scaper's Helper. Adapters will be offered in the shop later.

Much more

On our compatibility page you will find all details about compatible products and the connections of the Scaper's Helper.

Current Project State

The Scaper's Helper is still under development. The third prototype was recently completed and is currently being tested. Once all testing is complete, the tests required for CE marking are performed by a laboratory.

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The Scaper's Helper
The Scaper's Helper is working flawlessly on two of my aquariums already. It dims a Chihiros WRGB and a Chihiros series C clamp light. pH and temperature values are measured and fertilizer is dosed. The color of the case is 'marble'. The color of the dosing pumps will be black in the final product.

The next development steps include:

  • Beta testing with people from the community
  • Company formation and raising of capital
  • Discuss with the test laboratory what documents, hardware and firmware are needed, compile and send them. Hope to pass the tests.
  • Take product photos and set up the webshop

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